Rapid LAunch

Is your startup still building product for more than a year before validating if the idea works or not?

Its 2023. Your only strategy should be selling before building.

Never trusts user survey. Rapid Launc lets your validate the needs by asking them to pay for the product. So you can make informed decision that meets the business needs before investing in development.

Validate Your idea in 15 days.

Dont just build based on assumptions & surveys

Get your paying customers before building the platform! Dont trust what customers says, trust what they do.

With Rapid Launch, get first hand behavioural feedback from your user before building a million dollar mistake

"I lost tens of thousands on launching my business and my dream was being held back. Its so costly not getting this right. Wasted resources, missed opportunity, burnout, cash flow problems "

$1M, thats how bad not validating your idea before building will cost your business due to market failure, missed opportunity, increased cost to correct the mistake which will in turn lead to cash flow problems. It will be difficult to cover operating expenses and maintain the business.

1. Validate Your Idea Using Our Sell Before Build Strategy

Every Successful business sold before they build anything.

We help you create a compelling product offer, landing pages or prototype, messages and gather preorders or commitment. You will get paid before building with our sold out launch method.

"I didnt believe it could work at first, but when I got paid for a product that is not live. It made much sense to me"

Why are people still spending years to build without selling their product?

Thats the first question clients ask after working with us.

Validating your idea by selling before you build will change the way you build your product and your business.

2. From Ideation to Prototype in Days Using Design Sprint

You steer the ship, just allow our skilled facilitators to lead a collaborative brainstorming session to generate creative solution to your specific challenges.

Introducing the 15 Day Guarantee

In 15 days, if you are still unsure if you should go ahead with development, we will refund you your money. No questions asked.

3. Mapping your path to success with product strategy sessions.

How do you win in the market? With our product strategy sessions that are tailored to provide you with the strategic direction needed to navigate the complex journey of bringing a product to the market.

4. Empower your team for innovation through training

Innovation is not a a one time time but an ongoing process.Our Training workshops are designed to empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to independently run Design Sprints & Product Strategy sessions.